Chewelah Farmers Market Rules and Regulations

Mission Statement: The mission of the Chewelah Farmers Market is to make available high-quality, locally produced food, and to promote self-sufficiency in the community food systems by providing a venue for local farmers, growers, and producers to connect directly with consumers, and to support educational opportunities for a sustainable community.

Market Locations: Days: Northwest corner of the Chewelah City Park, north of Lincoln Ave. along Park St. (Hwy. 395); Nights: Approximately 100 N. 2nd St. due East of NAPA Auto Parts.

Market Management: The Chewelah Farmers Market is a registered Washington State non-profit corporation. The market is directed by a volunteer board of directors which consists of growers and others, along with a volunteer market manager who is likewise interested in promoting the market and furthering its goals and vision. Stipends to defray personal costs may be paid to the Manager, Community Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, and other Market Assistants at the discretion of the board.

Market Components:

  1. Farmers Market: featuring local producers, food and craft vendors located in the Chewelah City Park and arranged in booth spaces. Vendors become members through an annual application process and fee. Night events will include entertainment and downtown business cooperative agreements.
  2. Community Booth: A single shared booth space for vendors that do not wish to operate a regular vendor booth using market provided canopy and tables. No yearly vendor fee is required, and Community Booth vendors are not required to commit to a whole market day. The market manager may limit the number of times a single vendor may use the booth.

Membership Benefits:

  • Web Presence – A website has been created to showcase our vendors (among other things). Any vendor in good standing is eligible for a web posting on our “Meet the Vendors” page. Please provide your Biography and picture to the Market Manager. If you have a website, the picture can be linked to your website and/or social media.
  • Marketing Exposure – The CFM also affords other marketing strategies throughout the year to bring as much exposure to our vendors as possible. This may include advertising, radio, flyers, ad copy, special events, fairs etc.
  • Annual Vendor Earnings Report – Each vendor in good standing may receive a report showing their self-reported sales figures at the Chewelah Farmers Market for the vending season, and an overall market performance spreadsheet for the year.

Product Ratio: A goal of the Chewelah Farmers Market is to have less than 40% of the total gross sales on any market day attributed to crafts, art, baked goods or other processed or value-added products that are not considered locally raised or resold produce, plants, meat, eggs, dairy or honey.

Hours of Operation

Days: The Farmers Market will be open (except by declaration of the market manager) Fridays from 11am to 3:30pm. There will be no day farmers market coincident with the Chataqua Festival held every July (dates vary).

Nights: Downtown from 5pm to 8pm, the “Summer Nights” events will be held the first Wednesday of the month from June through October.

In both market events, vendors are expected to attend each market day and are required to remain open for business until market closing. Leaving the market before close of business without consent of the Market Manager or Board President will result in an additional $50 fee, which must be paid before the vendor sets up again at the market.

Market Commission: Vendors in good standing  will be charged $6 per day or 6% of gross daily sales (whichever is greater) not to exceed $45. Non-profits and Fundraising booths will pay a booth fee and flat rate $6 per market day. Bonus: Any vendor with perfect attendance for all day markets will not be charged commission on the last market day.

A Vendor Daily Report will be given to each vendor prior to closing each market day. The Report must be accurately, honestly, and completely filled out and turned in to the Market Manager along with fee payment during the vendor checkout process. All dollar amounts, including calculated commissions, shall be rounded to the nearest dollar.

Nonmembers selling products at the community booth will complete a Vendor Daily Report and pay a fee of 12% of gross sales.

Check-in: All vendors are to check in with the market manager or a designated Chewelah Farmers Market volunteer before setting up on each day of market operation in order to receive their booth assignment. All vendors must have a current and fully completed signed vendor application on file and have submitted membership and booth fees. Incomplete, unsigned, or unpaid applications may be returned or result in the delays in market participation.

Set-up: Vendors not engaged in food preparation may begin setting up their displays not earlier than 9:30am on all days of operation, and must be fully set up by 11am. Nighttime vendors may begin setup at 3:30pm and must be fully set up by 5pm.

Vendor Parking:  Since no vehicles are allowed on the grass in the city park, vendors may offload and pack out from the customer parking area along Hwy 395. Space is limited, and vendors must off-load and move their vehicles as soon as possible – cooperation and assistance between vendors is customary and helps things move efficiently. After 10:45 a.m., unloading from the customer parking area is not permitted to allow for customer arrival. The City of Chewelah prohibits parking in the camping area of the city park without a paid camping reservation. Do not park in private parking lots owned by residents or local businesses unless you have obtained permission to do so.

Pack out: Daytime vendors may park their vehicles along Hwy 395 to pack out after 3:30pm, Night Vendors will be instructed individually regarding parking and loading/unloading.

Restrooms: Day vendors have access to the two-restroom facilities in the park, located in the northeast and southeast corners of the park. Night Vendors will have portable sanitary bathrooms provided. Do not use restroom facilities of nearby businesses unless you patronize their business and/or make appropriate arrangements with them.

Booth Assignment: Vendors will be assigned a 10×10-booth space on a first come, first serve basis at the discretion of the market manager. Regular vendors will have their prior weeks’ booth space reserved for them. If a vendor misses a week of the market without notifying the market manager by 9:00 a.m. the day/night of the market, the vendor may forfeit their market location for the subsequent market day. Vendors may also forfeit their market location if they miss more than two or more market days consecutively.

If we should run out of booth spaces during peak season this year, the Market Manager may use whatever options are available to accommodate all vendors in our defined space, such as limiting non-farm vendors to one booth or consolidating two smaller vendors into a single booth space. If there is temporarily insufficient room for all vendors, priority will be given to vendors with the strongest attendance record.

Canopies: All vendors who wish to erect canopies (including umbrellas) on the Farmers Market site during a normal period of market operations, including the set up and break down period, are required to have their canopies sufficiently and safely anchored to the ground from the time their canopy is put up to the time it is taken down. Any vendor who fails to properly anchor his or her canopy will not be allowed to sell at the Farmers Market on that market day, unless that vendor chooses to take down and stow their canopy and sell without it. Each canopy leg must have no less than 24 lbs. (pounds) anchoring each leg. Canopy size may not exceed booth space assigned.

Signage and Displays: All vendors must post a sign identifying the name of the farm/business represented. Prices should be clearly posted. Displays, signs, and racks must not obstruct customer traffic flow or a clear view of adjacent booths and vendor displays.

Music and Broadcasts: The Market management is responsible for broadcasting music, announcements, and other entertainment through selected performers and events. Vendors may not broadcast music or other media during market hours.

Priority on Locally Produced Inputs: The Chewelah Farmers Market is dedicated to local sustainability. We request that our vendors voluntarily take steps to utilize local inputs wherever possible for their products. For example, where options are available, a food processor might choose locally produced ingredients over commercial ones, or a crafter might choose locally produced supplies instead of commercially available ones.

Local Produce: Vendors may sell only produce grown with-in a 100 mile radius. Vendors selling produce not grown by themselves must post source information about the grower in a location plainly visible to any customer.

Locally Produced Meat, eggs, processed, baked or canned goods: All products sold at the Chewelah Farmers Market must comply with all pertinent USDA, WSDA and Stevens County regulations concerning these products. Market Management may request to see copies of appropriate licenses and/or permits at any time.

However, the Chewelah Farmers Market is not an approval authority for health, food safety or food processing regulations and each vendor assumes full responsibility for compliance with all related state and local regulations and in every way holds harmless and absolves the Chewelah Farmers Market, the City of Chewelah, and their collective staff and volunteers of liability and/or damages for enforcement or non-enforcement of said regulations.

Local Vendor-produced Craft Items: Samples of all craft items must be presented to the Chewelah Farmers Market manager or designated volunteer for approval before they are sold. Only approved items may be sold.

Non-profit Organization Fund-raiser Items: Community non-profit organizations, public or private schools, churches, youth organizations and may be allowed to purchase a booth space at the market to educate the public, promote their organization, or raise funds in any legal manner provided the booth activities can be demonstrated to support the mission statement of the Chewelah Farmers Market. Approved organizations may sell appropriate fund-raiser items and keep all proceeds except for booth fees and flat rate commission. These organizations must have the prior approval of the market manager and have submitted a fully completed vendor application and paid the necessary booth fees.

Items that do not fit into the above criteria, such as Fair Trade items (with the exception of complete compliance with all applicable local and state regulations) will be subject to the approval of the Chewelah Farmers Market Management team on an individual basis.

Language: Foul or abusive language, verbal harassment, yelling, gossiping, slandering or other unprofessional and disrespectful verbal exchanges will not be tolerated. This includes interactions with/between vendors, Board Members, Market Manager, and customers.

Discrimination: Members/Vendors of The Farmers Market, Market employees, volunteers, and other persons selling at the Market or participating in Market functions, whether dealing with customers of the Market or with other Market members/Vendors, shall not discriminate against any individual in regard to selling of products, hiring, promotion, discipline, or other matters because of age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation or identity, or the presence of any physical, mental, or sensory disability.

Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment is a practice that violates federal equal employment opportunity laws, and violates the principles of the Chewelah Farmers Market. Therefore: It is the policy of the Chewelah Farmers Market to comply with the spirit and intent of federal equal employment opportunity laws and rules. Vendors and staff will be afforded a work environment free from sexual harassment. All vendors and staff shall project the necessary attitudes and behavior to ensure that sexual harassment does not occur. Vendors observing or having knowledge of incidents or practices within the Market which are harassment as defined in this policy shall report their observations to the Manager or file a grievance with the Board of Directors. The Farmers Market will not tolerate instances where a vendor or staff is retaliated upon in any way for complaining of sexual harassment. Confidentiality will be maintained whenever possible. Violation of this policy may result in immediate and permanent expulsion from the Market.

Sexual harassment exists when the behavior is repeated or unsolicited and is unwelcome.

If you feel you are being harassed in any way please contact the Market Manager or any CFM Board member.

Licenses & Permits: All vendors assume full responsibility to secure all licenses and permits required by law to participate in selling at the market, and recognize that notice of said policy is hereby given by the Chewelah Farmers Market. All musicians must hold the legal rights to the music they play at the Chewelah Farmers Market.

Cleaning: The vendor assumes full responsibility to clean the space used by them at the market location and the surrounding area within a 10-foot radius of their area.

Liability: The vendor and market customers holds Chewelah Farmers Market, the City of Chewelah and those organizations’ staff and volunteers free of any and all liability related to visiting, selling, or buying at the market, and will not at any time hold the Chewelah Farmers Market, the City of Chewelah and those organizations’ staff and volunteers responsible for any loss, damage, injury, or illness incurred or received by the vendor, market customers, or visitors while at the market location. Vendors are required to obtain product and liability insurance naming the Chewelah Farmers Market as additional insured in order to participate in the market.

Political and Religious Policy: The market is not a forum for religious or political activities.

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure: The Manager has the responsibility and authority to maintain a professional, courteous, family friendly, fun and cooperative atmosphere and to impose appropriate discipline at the Market site as he/she deems appropriate. For violations or situations that cannot be resolved through respectful and reasonable discourse the Market Manager and/or Board President may at their individual discretion take action which includes but is not limited to booth space reassignment, loss of extra booth space without reimbursement, imposition of fines or immediate expulsion.

Management Decisions: The vendor agrees that all decisions made by the Market Manager and/or Board President or Board of Directors are binding and final. CFM Management reserves the right to refuse any vendor or any item sold or displayed by any vendor at any time with or without cause, and is the sole approval authority for any use of the Chewelah Farmers Market logo.